The features of API AutoFlow are selected to address the specific needs of our customers. More specifically, the need to easily work with a large number of southbound APIs and handling of data for northbound applications.

For Operators and Management

The features are offered in a full Graphical User Interface (GUI) as the operators and management are now part of the API development life cycle. The Flow view is made for operators and management to easily check for compliance and rewrite the API interaction on the fly.

For Developers

API AutoFlow features are designed to address the complex telecom operator core network API interaction use cases. That means it is able to implement features such as complex logic and entity management (v2.0) that conventional proxy routing API Gateways do not offer. 

However, API AutoFlow features are made with customers using external API Gateway proxy in mind. The features such as CPU multi-threading and memory optimization are part of minimizing the burden on the system.

Release Note

Initial Release
  • HTTP API Server
  • Endpoints
  • Actions ( 350+ )
  • Timer
  • Server Authentication (HTTPS, TLS, SSL)
  • License
  • HTTP Calls
  • Data Validation
  • Data centric configuration
  • Data handling actions
  • File handling actions
  • Log
  • Import & Export Configuration
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