Fast and Easy

Users of Interactor have express anywhere between 15% to 80% faster development times. This translates directly to cost savings.

Hassle Free

Every release of Interactor is rigorously tested and used by top tier companies around the world for many years. Rest assure it will be up so you can be asleep.

Never any hidden costs

Calling a system integrator or dev shops can be intimidating and uncertain about over-pricing. Interactor being a vendor keep the pricing straight forward and honest.

Low Maintenance

A typical Software Development Life Cycle has 60% of the cost in maintenance.  Interactor users have expressed up to 70% saving in maintenance costs by using remote and GUI based maintenance features.

Access to Experts

There are many technologies involved in a project. Our experts are assigned for each customer to help with the solution architecture, development, and adjacent technologies.

Everything you need

From connectivity to data source, processing of data, applying complex computation, and publishing to the data consumers. Interactor has you covered.

Ongoing innovation

Technology changes faster than one can keep up.  Interactor delivers regular product updates to ensure you always have the latest, most secure, and greatest features capable of meeting your ongoing project needs.

Your success is Our success

We know that unless our customers succeed, we don’t either.  Our number one goal as a company is to make that happen and we are rigorously agile when it comes to helping customers solve problems.